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Home-start volunteers visit families in their own homes and offer regular support, friendship and practical help to families under stress. They help parents give their children the best possible start in life.


The role of a volunteer complements the work of professionals and offers an informal, flexible approach towards the families' needs.


Volunteers support parents who may feel depressed, isolated, exhausted and are struggling with challenges that make parenting difficult.


Volunteer now !

If you want a rewarding volunteering role, we’ll provide it. You’ll provide support to a local family that’s experiencing difficulties for any number of reasons including, isolation, mental health issues, multiple birth, bereavement, substance abuse and poverty. You’ll make a difference in the lives of these families by helping them to feel supported and understood. We’ll help you to do this by supporting you throughout your volunteering career, and paying your expenses.

What sort of support will you be providing?

If you’d like to volunteer in a different role, ask us about trustee positions. Trustees serve on the board of our charity, to help ensure its smooth running. If you think you can bring experience in areas such as HR, IT or PR and media, and you can commit your time and attend at least four meetings per year, then speak to us about the training and opportunities we provide.

Volunteer as a trustee

If you’d like to volunteer to help a family in your local area, contact us about getting started. You’ll need to undergo an enhanced criminal records check, and you’ll need to be able to commit to visiting a family once a week for approximately two hours, for a minimum period of six months. In return for your commitment we’ll provide 40 hours of comprehensive training in areas such as confidentiality, policy & procedure and safeguarding. The training takes place on one day per week from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Training course is accredited by the Open College Network.

What can you expect?

Use your parenting skills to help others

To get involved as a volunteer or trustee contact us via our contact page or phone on 01760 721271


Our Board of Trustees are also volunteers who are responsible for our vision, for leading our strategic direction, for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, our performance and quality scheme and for ensuring that we operate within the Home-Start agreement. The board of trustees is also responsible for our property, financial management and security, for good governance, the promotion of Home-Start Swaffham & District and for employing our staff.


Their job is to ensure that our resources are used effectively to further the objectives of Home-Start Swaffham & District which are:-

  • To safeguard, protect and preserve the good health both mental and physical of children and parents of children.

  • To prevent cruelty to or maltreatment of children.

  • To relieve sickness, poverty and need amongst children and parents of children.

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